linley-hamilton-in-transitionDr. Linley Hamilton (Lecturer in Music at Ulster University and BBC Radio Jazz broadcaster), releases the album ‘In Transition’, which features an extension to his line-up from the ‘Taylor Made’ album of 2011. The album has been well received with concerts around the UK and Ireland, as well as collaborations with John Hondorp and Markus Strothman in Holland and Germany.

The band:

  • Linley Hamilton - trumpet
  • Julien Colarossi - guitar
  • Johnny Taylor - piano
  • Damien Evans - bass
  • Dominic Mullen - drums

New additions to the personnel include long-time colleague Damien Evans on bass, and the fabulous Dublin-based guitarist Julien Colarossi. There are a number of original compositions on the album, with one of the significant highlights being Linley’s musical relationship with Colarossi, their exchange of the melody, their harmonic interplay and harmonic choices when playing in tandem together and the unusual sonority that the guitar and the trumpet make melodically is up front the whole way through the album.

As usual Johnny Taylor plays in a magical way, so cohesive is he in bringing the rhythm section together, in managing the space, in setting the vibe and feel that inform the rest of the players the capacity of the field in which they are to work…and it works! There is a real lyrical sense to the whole recording, with Dominic latching onto the energy points and launching rhythmical ideas that the band runs with.

The band really has established a sound now that is nothing like anything else which is happening in Ireland these days. There is a patience to the development of the musical themes, something which is important to Hamilton, with his research so centered in the jazz language and how to create tension vertically and resolve it horizontally, extending the tension thematically and translating it the approach of the other players to help keep the ensemble to the fore, the improvisation contributing to the whole.

The eclectic mix of where the music is sourced comes deep from within now with the band contributing as individuals to the whole and this makes for a musical coming together of musicians who care about each other and the music.